Dead Men Walking
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Dead Men Walking Thomas Lipscome urges us to think about 4th generation warfare, the nature of the battle, and the potential dangers well beyond the idea of nations such as Afghanistan and Iraq. From the article: "Terrorists become extraordinarily resourceful playing weak hands against the strong and rich. So do revolutionaries. And it is time to realize bin Laden is both" This article is short yet wide-ranging, neatly bringing together the Balkans, Clinton, the Media, and 4G warfare.
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A rogue nation-state like Serbia or Iraq is like a fixed cancer that can be isolated and eliminated or controlled; Al Queda is more like a virus which mutates when challenged and masks its presence through conflicting symptoms and locations. And worst of all, it also can be transmitted easily.
Thank you for this very interesting, pull-no-punches link.
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Last sentence: "What will it really matter if the American coalition conquers the rocky wasteland of Afghanistan only to find Al Queda in control of nuclear-armed Pakistan, or the oil riches of Saudi Arabia-and with strong popular support?" Yikes.
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Who the heck is the guy who wrote this rambling column? The director or something of the Center for the Digital Future? Nicely vague name for a think tank. If he's such a foreign policy expert, what on Earth is he doing there?
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