"You don't need that many guitars. Bout two's enough."
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"They come in and, they may bring their instruments in, lay it in the back room, come out and eat some peanuts, talk with us, get some coffee, trade knives, tell a few jokes, settle the world's problems, and eventually, play music if and when they want to."

The Barber Shop, Drexel NC.
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Best thing I've seen since High Lonesome. Thanks for the link.
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"...I've paid more and heard worse..."

The boy with the mid-priced Gibson sits in the back between a couple of banjo players, and picks up the beat as soon as he can. The old man with the mandolin playing lead--all over that song, so fast and clean it makes your teeth hurt--claims that his arthritis has slowed him down, but the mandolin guy sitting next to him has simply laid his instrument on his lap: his smile suggests that he may decide to take up the drums. The barber wonders if he could get arthritis so he could play that way, too.
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This is such a wonderful thing... music as language, shared emotion, and community.
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3:45....The guy has a rear view mirror. On his recliner.

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Great stuff...thanks... damn, are they good.

I live in a pretty small town, and there's a group here that gets together and plays (usually bluegrass, even though we're in Michigan), sometimes at Ray's house, sometimes at the local Congregational Church... I haven't sat in since about 20 years ago.... This is great motivation..
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What I need is for Floyd here to not tell me how many guitars I should own
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I think you can own all the guitars you want...just don't bring more than two to the barber shop...
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I think he just meant, you don't need six guitar players at the same time.
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Well, he's right about that!
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That's GIT-tars, y'all.
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Go tell that to Iron Maiden [they have three guitarists]
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what's the emoticon for homesick?
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That short is the very definition of bittersweet.
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Iron Maiden doesn't play bluegrass, near as I can tell.
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I've paid for and heard worse.


Ain't it the truth. Thanks, timsteil, for the biggest smile I've had in a while.
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The guy on the lap dobro is just gettin at it.
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When I was a kid back in the 70s I used to spend summers with my grandmother in Bristol, Tennessee. Across State Street on the Virginia side was Star Barber Shop, where they used to have jam sessions every Thursday, and there were many times I'd go down and hang around listening to some really fine musicians make some beautiful music. It's a special memory, and this really reminded me of it. Thanks.
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As a born and bred North Carolinian, sounds like home to me. Thanks for posting.
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Guy playin' that little tiny git-tar? Fangers be flyin'!
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Rock stars, all. Thanks!
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Damn that was great. Thanks for that timsteil. I've been through Drexel, I think, on my way up to Linville Gorge, or maybe to Blowing Rock. Gonna look for that Barber shop next time...

Grew up in the Ozarks and now live right up against the Blue Ridge...you'd think I'd be able to play something...
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I've watched this about three times today. It has value on a number of levels. The music, of course, is fantastic, the message about tradition and generations is huge, and the concept of the gradual loss of community and friendship in a changing world is almost heartbreaking.

I came back to this thread to say that each of you have the ability to foster this kind of dynamic in your own community. It doesn't matter if you're a musician or an actor, or comedian, or artist, you have some skill that could be put to use in drawing people together.

If you found this as heart warming as I did, take at least a few minutes to consider how you could help this kind of goodness to germinate.
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