Richard & Judy's new show on Channel 4 has begun.
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Richard & Judy's new show on Channel 4 has begun. Three episodes in and Judy still looks nervous and Richard's marbles have still escaped him. But they've also taken a turn in 'National Enquirer' territory, featuring an item about non-movement excersise programmes and a video about a man who could change shape. As 'Off The Telly' reports: "This pandered to Richard and Judy’s well-worn obsession with anything of a freakish nature. The footage showed an ordinary person - or “Spookman” as Richard instantly dubbed him - whose face ostensibly changed into others as you studied it. The studio crew were convinced, gasping on cue, and Richard was rapt: “Oh man, I could watch this all night”
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I admit to having watched them.

Is this one for linklust?
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A little background on this program would have been appreciated, since it seems not to be found even in the link.
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Apparently they were at one time hosts of a popular morning show.

And you can punch them.
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Shoot, I meant to link the show they used to do. This Morning.
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since when is this
posted by phalkin at 6:07 PM on November 28, 2001

since when is this

phalkin: just as the US contingent often discusses purely US phenomena here at metafilter, those in canada, europe and the UK often discuss matters that are outside of our cultural experience.

this makes for a pleasant mix, and it can be enlightening for those who care to follow along. when Richard and Judy become hip in the US, you and I will be cool enough to have known about them since 2001.
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Richard and Judy are the Regis and Kathie Lee of the UK. Except they're married, and he's a fair bit younger than her. He was acquitted of stealing booze from a supermarket; she showed her bra inadvertently at an awards show. And from what friends who worked on "This Morning" told me, I suspect that rescheduling the show at a time after the pubs open might prove to be a mistake.
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since when is this

*claps hands to face*

God, won't somebody think of the Americans?
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If Americans and Europeans don't snipe at each other on websites, then... the terrorists have already won.
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God forbid that Americans like him actually learn something about another country, even if it is Richard and Judy. *Newsflash, phalkin* Guess what, other nations, apart from the USA, actually use the internet.

In fact I think it would be better if we got a little less US-centric view of things and a little more of a European/Asian etc viewpoint, mix it up a bit. I don't mind the US perspective, but we get a lot of it and it would be nice to get some alternatives.

Back to Richard and Judy, wasn't there some other scandal a while back that one of them was involved in? Or was it just tabloid crap?
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Phalkin got all y'alls goat.
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R&J leaving 'This Morning' was one of the big showbiz stories pre-9.11 -- they'd been in charge of the morning ratings for over ten years, their brand of TV captivating students and housewives. The fact that they gave all this up to go Channel 4 was significant in media terms because it demostrated the difficulties ITV is having in the multi-channel market place. Ignoring the soap operas, it's become something of a limp biscuit, its only other drama output being mainly cop shows and it hasn't had a sitcom success in nearly a decade. With R&J gone, and now Des Lynam, its clear that a channel already losing advertising revenue, now can't even keep hold of its stars.
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And ITV is facing a squeeze from the other direction as well, as the Greg Dyke-led BBC goes relentlessly chasing ratings. Add in the losses of Carlton and Granada on the ill-fated ITV DIgital fiasco, and ITV is a channel in trouble. Sky had it over a barrel in dictating the terns for carrying the ITV channels. I must admit, I can't remember the last time I watched anything on ITV.
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I watch the rugby on ITV sport, but to be honest thats it, and even then British Eurosport does it better. And I never thought I'd say that.

All of this, ITV is dying stuff though seems to me like schadenfreude from the media boys. After having ITV lording it over them for so long they're trying to stick the knife in when they're down.

And to be honest all British people need a strong ITV just to stop that bloody Murdoch feller owning everything.
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Two words to explain the impending collapse of the ITV companies: "ITV" and "Digital". Losing money hand over fist.
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