Does my voice really sound like that?
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For this year's National Poetry Month, the Poetry Foundation has set up a SoundCloud group called "Record-a-Poem." They're inviting people to record themselves reading their favorite poems. (via)

Some of the Poetry Foundation's favorites:

Susie Asado” by Gertrude Stein, read by Fred & August Sasaki.
To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time” by Robert Herricik, read by
Garrison Keillor
The Crocodile” by Lewis Carroll, read by 1st grade students from St.
Giles School in Oak Park, Illinois
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by Wallace Stevens, read by Charles Morello.
‘Hope’ is the Thing with Feathers” by Emily Dickinson, read by Emma Rahme.

The Poetry Foundation's instructions for recording your own:

"1. Join SoundCloud and the Record-a-Poem Group.
2. Hit the round Rec (record button).
3. Check the box to approve that Flash can access your microphone.
4. Hit round Rec button again.
5. Record.
6. Hit the square Stop button.
7. Upload the sound.
8. Name the recording following this format: 'POEM TITLE' by 'POET' read by 'YOU'; add author tags and the word 'poem' and 'poetry.'
9. Keep in mind that we have to approve the tracks before they’re added to the group, so it may take a day before you see it."
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Can we record ourselves performing our own performance poetry?

If not I'll stick a recording of Howl up there.
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*does vocal warmups*

Gene gene made a machine
Jo Jo made it go...
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and now my reading from Audens' chorus of "The Flight into Egypt".

"Come to our well-run desert
Where anguish arrives by cable,
And the deadly sins
May be bought in tins
With instructions on the label.

Come to our jolly desert
Where even the dolls go whoring;
Where cigarette-ends
Become intimate friends,
And it's always three in the morning."

or my imprint of Gene Gene the Dancing Machine.
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so much depends

a blue back

glazed with white

beside the yellow
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Yeah I might have added a "This is Just to Say" just, you know... because.
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Still not making a dent in that $100 million.
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Oh man, is there a way to hide this link from my future self? Because every time I drink too much when I'm alone, I have an potentially embarrassing tendency to declaim "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry."
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Some of the Poetry Foundation's favorites:

I can only assume the Poetry Foundation has not heard "Ubu Hubbub" by Christian Bök, as read by Christian Bök.

Caution: LOUD.

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Just shows where my mind is... a cursory glance read this as Record-a-Porn. Which -- let's face it -- would likely be more entertaining, except under certain circumstances.

Though the concept of porn being read by Garrison Keillor does have a certain "Wrong. So wrong!" appeal. Lake Wobegon has never been so caliente!
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I would do this. I'm torn between Larkin's "Cut Grass" and Crane's "To Brooklyn Bridge."
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Sadly the only poem that I can consistently recall is one that my 7th grade English teacher had taped to the front of her desk. It's printed in 4-color "high" res over a photo of a horse running through a field of wild flowers:

September is a stallion,
With a flowing tawny mane,
Who has never known a bridle nor a rider nor a rein..."

I'm beginning to realize why the new school year was always so exciting.

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Can we record ourselves performing our own performance poetry ?

Not in a just universe.
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Nothing by McGonagle. Sassenachs.
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Oh, man, I may have to go do "Crossing" by Philip Booth. I have to read (at this point recite) it to my train-obsessed preschoolers at least twice a day. Having read it so many times, I feel like I am ONE with this poem at this point.
... eighty-eight,
red-ball freight,
Rio Grande,
Nickel Plate,
rolling fast
and loose,
coal car,
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Pretty credible renditions of two of my favorite short Wallace Stevens poems: "A Postcard from the Volcano" and "Re-Statement of Romance." The reader gets a word or two wrong, but I always do too when I read them aloud.
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I recorded my favourite poem, Not Dying by Mark Strand (I read it here and have loved it ever since), on Soundcloud a little while ago because it makes me think of my Dad but it's too much to read to him. I've added all the tags and such. I hope it makes it on there, it's a good one.
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Here's the link, if anyone's interested.
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I'd read a Dorothy Parker poem, but I'm scared I'll start trying to mimic Jennifer Jason Leigh in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle.
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Hmm. I appear to be too stupid to figure out how to record my own. I joined the group, clicked on the link in the confirmation email and now I can't for the life of me find a way to follow the instructions for recording. Oh well.
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