Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!
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Unless you have a camera, of course, in which case there are some amazing shots.
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These are fantastic. In case anyone's curious about Underwater Jesus.
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Some beautiful locations but... man. HDR is no substitute for knowing how to use your camera, people.
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Damn, that yacht in Antarctica is freaking spooky...
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Semi-double, on a link-baity site.
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I think instead of "beautiful" you mean "fucking creepy." Gah.

(but also beautiful. In a place-you-go-in-nightmares kind of way).
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That is the single-worst attempt at attribution I've ever seen: no clickable links and photos attributed to massive sites like reddit.com and imgur.com? Atrocious. I'm sad I gave them my page views.

At least the version that Horace Rumpole linked to tried.
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place-you-go-in-nightmares kind of way

Really? I like these.I find them.....comforting, somehow?
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These were cool, thanks! I especially loved the underwater photo, too, but they were all striking.

The photos paired with the quote of Ozymandias reminds me of a photo essay of abandoned Fantasy Gardens in Vancouver. This was the business of former BC Premier Bill VanderZalm and for me, his reign is forever tied to this fantasy faux world.

The gardens became central in the Premier's downfall.

I always find it strange to see public assets like the train station (in the FPP link) abandoned. (Surely the scrap metal was worth something??)
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MeFites may remember the Russian rocket factory.
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I live about 2km from the Homebush Bay one (#4). It (and another wreck just around the corner from it) looks better than this in the right light - the photo they chose doesn't do it justice.

In fact here's a better photo.
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wow at 23, Italy is very close to me and I really want to see this! Time to scheduls some trips soon I guess :)
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Surprised there was no mention of Battleship Island.

I also would have included Dungeness Manor on Cumberland Island, Georgia in this list.
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I'm not sure I'd agree with Christ of the Abyss being "abandoned." It was deliberately put there, and restored just a few years ago.
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And I totally need one of those Florida dome houses.
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I don't think anywhere that is owned by the National Trust and had 170, 000 visitors in 2010 can truly said to be abandoned.

Re-purposed, yes. Abandoned? No, not really
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