The Complicated Chinese Family Tree: A Video Guide
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The Complicated Chinese Family Tree - Cantonese Version! Or, if you like, the original in putonghua. (This previous post may be of some assistance.)
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The Great Wall: worth some clicks. Nice kids, good presentations.
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Oh wow this is awesome, and it looks like they sell posters too.

Funny aside, one of my friends has something like 9 brothers (and no sisters). In Chinese, you would normally refer to them as "oldest brother" or "second oldest brother" and so on. For some reason, they started doing this in English, and would say things like "Hey, how's two doing?"
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dear god this is fantastic
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Pfft. Unrealistic--needs more canine little brothers/sisters in that family tree.

Trust me, they get lai sze and eat moon cakes, they're family.
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roquetuen, that's a cute comment :). Some of my Taiwanese friends call their pets "毛孩子" or "kids with fur", and do refer to them individually as "my daughter" or "my son".
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Pffft. The speedy lines and doodles really make the video.
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