Cartoon fables with strange reversals
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Holy hotdogs, Spanish surrealist illustrator Joan Cornellà, just what the heck is going on?
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I dunno what's going on, but whatever it is, it's got a Perry Bible Fellowship feel to it.
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I'd say Mark Newgarden / Daniel Clowes influence visually (with a touch of Aragones' humor).
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Reminded me of the video for Paranoid Android.
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2N2222, I'd have gone with Three Word Phrase. (The "the" link reminded me of this one.)
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Who could blame her?
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Cool. Reminds me of Cowboy Henk.
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Reminds me of Ivan Brunetti or Sam Henderson. I'm loathe to direct link either of those two though, as their intentionally transgressive/absurd meta-humor is emphatically not for everybody. Brunetti, in particular, writes a lot of one panel gags plumbing the absolute worst shit you can imagine. Google him if you like, but be warned that it's not a matter of "if" he will offend you, but to what degree and to how sick to your stomach you become.
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Actually, this link shows a few cartoons of Brunetti's with an essay contextualizing. Henderson is bad, but not that bad, so here's one of his cartoons, too. his works comes from a more childlike place, though it's frequently kinda out there, too.
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Joan Cornelia, do you need to talk about something? It's okay, this is a safe space. Do you need a hug? It's okay big guy, bring it on in. Bring it on in.
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Doesn't she know that colour bombshell is so last year?
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Pro tip: the name Joan in Catalan is an analogue of Juan. Pretty sure this is a guy's artwork, not a lady's.
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Coincidentally - what with the previous post being about Monty Python, Joan mentions how much they have inspired him in this interview with Doze magazine [a little bit NSFW on the side].
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