Another Stupid Newsreel! I Hate The News.
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We visited Weirdo Video back in 07 for propaganda films, but the YouTube channel has been steadily updating with yesterday's ephemera. Why not enjoy some vintage newsreels about STRIKES! SULTANS! SUEZ! SAN FRANSISCO! or some FITNESS FADS!
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Oh jeez I remember the Bongo Board. My elementary school gym teacher decided I was an uncoordinated oaf and made me work on the Bongo Board until I could stay on it for 60 seconds. I think it took me almost a year to do it, I'm surprised I never broke my arm during the frequent falls. When I was about 40, my doctor determined that I had a congenital defect in my ear that always affected my balance. I dunno, maybe the gym teacher did me a favor.

Anyway, I remember one of the Japanese newspapers (Mainichi I think) used to post their newsreels from 50 years ago, but I think they stopped. Every week, a new video, in Japanese only. I saw some astonishing things like the first test run of the Shinkansen, and then loads of boring crap like the latest baseball highlights. But it was all amazing. I was looking forward to seeing the history of the 60s in Japan unfold weekly. I think these newsreels are all paid products owned by NHK now, but if anyone has seen this sort of thing online, let me know.
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Country Corn Flakes, they're made with rice.
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