Photography of China
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"My intentions here are simple: avoid discussions about what exactly constitutes Chinese photography, evade overwhelming information, and instead visually examine the role that such photographs play in shaping China’s image" (English, French, Chinese). Some whimsical — Alain Delorme Totems, others moving — Song Chao Miners, Migrant workers and Hold.
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Liu Xiangchen's documentary on the Ashiq: "the Uyghur bards who live in the southern borders of the Taklamakan Desert of far west China. Unlike the traditional life of Sufi practitioners in Islamic society, the Ashiq hold diverse occupations and seek seclusion periodically to cultivate religious powers at Mazar (the graves of Uyghur spiritual leaders). Some Asiq are ironworkers, others are beggars, merchants, grave diggers, barbers, woman Ashiq, Sheikh (the Islamic clergy) and so on. However the manner and subjects they sing have remained little changed over the generations. They convey their earnest feelings to Allah and are doing penance for their sins through their singing and pilgrimage.
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Edward Burtynsky previously.
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China is a good place to visit.
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I've got to say, I was at the 3 gorges dam in 2005 to see what those photos depict live and while these are some of the best shots to capture its scale, they still look like miniatures compared to the real thing. Also I love the shots of the people "mining" the demolished villages which you saw all up and down the river, people trying to scrape out anything left of value from the rubble before the water rose. It was a wild time.
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Oh, wow, he's good. Bookmarking to enjoy at leisure later...
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