Madon­nas of Sci­ence
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The Madon­nas of Sci­ence, plus selected other work (possibly nsfw) by Chris Shaw.

Shaw's paintings are on exhibition at SFMOMA through June 2. [Via]
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The Madonna of the Par­ti­cle is fantastic. Mostly (for me) because of the overlaid sketches and geometric elegance.
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The Madonna of the Squid is totally gonna end up in a Lovecraft fan's image macro.
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I saw these at SFMOMA at few days ago. (They're displayed in the cafe so you can pop in and see them without paying admission, if you wish.) They're quite striking - the canvases are large and the colors are richly saturated. The Madonna of Dark Matter was particularly cool in person; in the photo the painting must have been lit with every floodlight the photographer could throw at it, but in real life the image is quite dark and a bit hard to make out until you get right up close to it. Then you notice that some of the black paint is sparkly, which seemed an amusing counterpoint to the gold leaf used on "regular matter" madonnas, or maybe it evokes the black-on-black background radiation of the Big Bang.
Anyway, the paintings are for sale, or you can rent them for 2 months.
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Not at all the Madonna I was expecting! But they are all interesting; I could see myself hanging one in my house. I may show these to my mother, who paints traditional Russian icons as a hobby; I bet she would get a kick out of them.
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Where was this fpp 7 days ago?? I walked right past SFMOMA last weekend during my trip to SF, and had no idea this was on display. *shakes fist at homunculus*
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Where was this fpp 7 days ago?

Oh, er, it was over here, actually. I guess I should have posted it here first. Sorry about that.

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