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Eine murul / Breakfast on the Grass is a stop-motion animation answering one of Art's most enduring mysteries: why are those people sitting like that? (SLVimeo, 4:30)
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Like what, you ask? Spoiler
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This seems less "make a funny joke about a famous Manet painting" and more "let's laugh at the stupid drunk homeless people being all drunk and stupid."
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"Homeless"? I was sure they were zombies.
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"Homeless"? I was sure they were zombies.

Ever seen a zombie with a home?
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I thought they were zombies too, as somehow that explained their weird bendyness. I'll admit to not thinking that through. Regardless, if I never hear "Bolero" again, it will be too soon.
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I read it as a commentary on the modern society. I though "people randomly falling over" is a pretty accurate representation of the situation of the modern Man (or at least the modern Estonian). The Manet parody at the end basically lays bare the difference between what ideology tells us what we are (a Manet painting) and what we really are (bunch of drunk people in a random frozen pose).
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