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YouTube user AKAcronny has an interesting animation style, which he applies to making fan videos for They Might Be Giants songs:
Can't Keep Johnny Down ( <-- best, watch this one) - Certain People I Could Name - Skullivan - Everything Right is Wrong Again
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I like stumbling on something cool with zero net presence, and trying to make a post about it. The thing that keeps me from doing this more often is the difficulty in finding cool things to stumble on.
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Nice! If I remember correctly, TMBG had a contest for the best fan video for Can't Keep Johnny Down. Here is the winner.
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This is great.
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Heh, that winning video for Can't Keep Johnny Down is a fun and goofy parody of that reverse Coldplay video.
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You know those things where you can't explain to somebody why they're funny, but you just can't stop laughing when you look at them?

This is one of those things.
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One day, mainstream hollywood will take note of how internet animators establish and develop character, define and progress plot and theme, and entertain and enchant a jaded audience, within only a few sparse moments.
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Amazed I still know all the lyrics to these songs - and most other TMBG songs. These animations are wonderful.
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Same her sweltering. Back in college I had every TMBG album, and we're talking Severe Tire Damage era, not even the age of Flood. I've kept up with them a bit here and there, so sometimes I end up listening to a song with an unfamiliar title only to realize I not only know the tune, but quite like it.
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