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95 minutes of John Coltrane live in 1960-61-65... with Elvin Jones (drums), Jimmy Garrison (bass) and McCoy Tyner (piano), and Stan Getz, Eric Dolphy, Oscar Peterson.
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Fabulous. Thank you.
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From this DVD, if anyone's interested.
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I need to find a way to burn this to DVD or something. JC is my dad's favorite artist of all time, yet doesn't have a computer. He will wet himself at this find.
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Oh there is a DVD already! He probably has it then. Uh, carry on.
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Thank you--this is a wonderful find. I like to watch these masters play, as well as listen to them, and am very glad for this rare opportunity to do that.
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Hard to improve upon JC's best quartet, but there ya go.
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Fuck yeah
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After a truly awful day, and few weeks, at the place I work, this is something much needed and lovely indeed.
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Coltrane is so filling, so meat and potato’s,,,
always satisfies my music bone.
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The differences between the two versions of "My Favorite Things" in this video are extremely interesting. The 1961 version beginning at 34′ 10″ is clearly based on the original album version while still containing some impressive improvisation. Filmed just four years later, in the 1965 version which begins at 74′, the quartet play like they've lost their minds while never straying far from the bones of the piece. By the end it looks like they're all smoking as their sweat rises into the unseasonably cool for August Belgian night air. It sounds amazing, but having the visual to go with it—especially Tyner's extended, mad piano solo—is a real treat.

If you're like me and Coltrane's "My Favorite Things" is in your top five musical favorites from any genre or era, you owe it to yourself to set aside the time it will take to watch these two incredible performances without distractions.
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I loooove ice cream
I loooove ice cream
I loooove ice cream
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McCoy Tyner is the man!

And he's still playing dates. That's what's amazing to me. You could just go see him.
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This is insane. Thank you. Also: I need martinis.
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I am now spending my morning with these wonderful flickering ghosts of sound. 'Tis splendid.
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Garrison ended up teaching at a university, but died of lung cancer in the '70s. I read a reminiscence from a guy who studied with him. It was really funny, because the guy was admittedly a half-ass bass student, and hadn't really appreciated at the time what a great player his teacher was. But Garrison was very patient with him.

His son, of course, is a fantastic electric bass player.
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