HTML code patented.
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HTML code patented. Thanks to Unicast and your friends in the US patent office. "Unicast's second patent, No. 6,314,451, covers the method of serving Internet ads using HTML code that, when downloaded by a Web browser, can be used to begin downloading dynamically- produced content." It also seems that they are ready to get sue-happy.
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prior art, anyone?
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The complete patent is here. On a quick read, it looks like they're claiming to have invented the technology used for "interstitial" pop-ups, which are triggered when you click off of a page.

Perhaps if they starting suing people, we'll see fewer of these pop-ups. (One can hope...)
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Let them sue all they want. Then, when there is only one company left doing the god damned things, it'll be easier for them to topple over into nonexistence.
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regardless of what type of pop-up this refers to, the fact that this is even an issue is what makes me shake my head in wonder. the things people enable themselves to bicker, whine, and fight over never ceases to amaze me.

and should we hope that those who have obviously not invented technologies, continue to get the legal documentation that, for all practical purposes, essentially says they have?

if they choose to be sue-happy, they stand to gain a profit from that endeavor. [shiver]

i am glad i will outlive what i believe will be when the world goes totally retarded, but i fear for future generations, and my family, when i think of what they will have to deal with regarding the legal system of this country in the years to come.

[/semi-OT rant]
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