"Through a revolutionary change in the way US income is distributed."
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A look at the post-war middle class, brought to you by the editors of Life, and Fortune Magazines.

Opportunties Unlimited (via)
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Bobby Bison wants to give you Upscale Families. Bobby Bison wants to give you Affluent Purchasers. Bobby Bison wants to give you the best. You want to reach the Young Affordables--that group of thin-skinned influentials who make sixty-three per cent of all cordial liquor purchases. What are your options? You could try for a television buy. You could buy three hundred ten-second spots. You could buy five thousand five-second spots. You could position a pre-prime saturation glut in the "shoulder" periods. Or you can make the Bobby Bison Buy.


Buy the Bobby Bison Affordables. Buy them outright. Tell Bobby how many you want. Tell Bobby what you want them to do. Bobby Bison wants to help.


The Bobby Bison Affordables are on the beach. The Bobby Bison Affordables are in their loft bed. The Bobby Bison Affordables are covering themselves with special unguents and lotions. The Affordables are using their pretty colored telephones; the Affordables are employing an unusual appliance to uncork a bottle; the Affordables are taking their trust officer to lunch. The Bobby Bison Affordables are three times as likely to have a personal trust officer as the viewers of the two most popular "shoulder" period family-access television programs.

Bobby Bison controls the kind of up-target pliable you just can't reach with television. Look at the numbers. Ninety-two per cent of the Bobby Bison Affordables experience some sort of anxiety during the day; over sixty per cent refuse to talk to their Moms; nearly forty per cent break into unexplained weeping as a matter of habit. And the Bobby Bison Affordables are twice as likely to experience a crippling sexual disorder as the viewers of the most popular daytime TV shows. It seems incredible. But look at the numbers:

Daytime TV Viewers No Yes
"Day After Tedious Day" 84.5 15.5
"Ryan's Lunch" 73 27
"Don't Count On It" 71.2 28.8


With television you're supposed to be getting boxcar numbers. But just where are they? A lot of those television Affordables are leaving their sets on and going out. Make a television buy and you are paying for these unresponsive "viewers." Bobby Bison delivers his Affordables. Bobby Bison owns his Affordables. Outright. If a Bobby Bison Affordable refuses to buy your product you just tell Bobby Bison, and that Affordable better watch his step. Bobby Bison Affordables do what they're told. Whenever you actually want Affordables delivered to your door, Bobby Bison Can Do. Bobby will deliver boxcar after boxcar of Affordables to your point of purchase. Try getting that kind of response even from a prime-time television buy!


As a media man you are concerned with the intrusion of Low Reach undesirables into your prime-zone boxcar numbers, are you not? And you should be worried about tandem-ad gluts. You know that after two or three tandem-ad gluts the television Affordables "tune out." leaving you with an audience of oldsters and welfare mamas. In this atmosphere, doesn't it make sense to make the Bobby Bison Buy?


A Young Affordable will contact you. Call Bobby Bison and he will send a Young Affordable to your office. The Young Affordable will explain the Bobby Bison Buy. If you like, the Young Affordable will bring you a little lunch. And a little bottle of Vichy water to wash it down. This is the Affordable life style--fabulous little sandwiches with the crusts cut off and a pleasing bottle of Vichy water to wash them down. Your Young Affordable will explain the Affordable life style. He'll tell you about the super little trips, the cunning plans for apartment living, the expensive therapies, the outrageous outlays for liquor and other stimulants. He'll tell you about the futile impulse purchases that keep each Young Affordable deep in debt. You will agree that you need to reach this fabulous Young Affordable. And if you want to reach this fabulous Young Affordable, you'll find him in Bobby Bison's hip pocket--lonely and ready to buy.

-George W.S. Trow
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