How the Online World Is Fighting the Next Pandemic
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How the Online World Is Fighting the Next Pandemic "The online community of interest that began to form after SARS has matured into a community of practice: groups, professions, and individuals with differing skills but a shared concern for obtaining and sharing reliable information and getting it out all over the world."

The latest from the WHO on MERS and H7N9.

From The Independent today.

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hmmm, and somewhat less previously

Mods, feel free to delete. I'll add the "Online World...." link to the existing active thread.
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That was an interesting, concise, article, thanks.

I'm going on some long international flights - routing through Dubai - in ten days. My GP actually advised me, "it may look a bit silly, but you should wear a facemask on the plane and at the airport like people do in Japan when they are sick".

I appreciated the idea, but suspect I would probably find myself on the wrong end of a cavity search if I pursued it!
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If you're interesting in this sort of thing, I would suggest the ProMED mailing list as well as keeping track of EcoHealth, and see recent NY Times article here.
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the wrong end of a cavity search

Unless you're flying business class, that's considered a perk and you'll have to bring your own.
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Glad to see the 'net doing something more useful for this ever-shrinking world than passing porn and mongering rumours.

But please tell me "Flublogia" is going to go the way of "blogosphere," because blog is a silly enough sounding word without piling on. ;)
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