But the story was never that simple.
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‘People Think It’s Over’ Spared Death, Aging People With H.I.V. Struggle to Live
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I think HIV is just one of many chronic diseases that we are just now coming to grips with as a long-term issue. While it definitely comes with its own issues -- stigma being one of the worst -- it does hold some similarity to others in that we are unsure of the long-term impact of the medication.

Still, I can't imagine being in the situation of assuming you'd be dead in a few years, and 20 years later wondering what you're going to do with your life.
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My good friend (and collaborator) Steve is featured in this article.

Steve is one of the true gems in my life. I actually found his website when I was a teenager in 1999, when I was struggling with depression and coming out issues. In the middle of the night, while doing a search on the internet for “gay teen suicide” I happened upon his online diary. It turns out Steve is good friends with Gabi Clayton, a mom who lost her bisexual teen son to suicide. At that point, he had been writing in his online diary for three years or so. I clicked back to the beginning of the diary, and was surprised to see that he had started it on my 16th birthday. So of course, I had to read through it.

Anyway, about 8 hours later, having not killed myself, but knowing a lot more about a songwriter maybe not dying of AIDS in Los Angeles, I wrote a long and rambling email to him, telling him that we were about to be good friends. Steve helped me a great deal with coming out to my parents, and has been a very good friend to me. I have traveled the country seeing productions of his shows, and have made a lot of great friends.

In 2006, he and his partner moved to New York to do an off-Broadway run of their second show, “The Big Voice: God or Merman?” and I did some assistance work on the show. We had a lot of downtime, and Steve taught me how to turn my poetry into lyrics. We spent hours and hours with the craft of songwriting over a few months.

Eventually, he encouraged me to apply to a very prestigious songwriting workshop. Well, imagine my surprise when I got in. However, more meaningful than the fact that I write lyrics now is that at my audition for the workshop, I met my husband. We just celebrated our fifth anniversary together.

So, uh, I am extremely glad that Steve is alive and well.
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