Black and White Tights Dance
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A group of young girls in black and white tights perform a trippy the popular tune of German folk-rock polka band Hiss.
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The first thought to go through my head: "A Kinect would have a *fit* with this."
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This made my day just a little nicer. Even though it made my eyes hurt.
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If you want to try doing this, remember to wear sunglasses.
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So Robert Palmer's still making videos?
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That was way more entertaining than I expected it to be, and now I'm trying to figure out how to do the half-colored outfit thing cheaply and with no sewing skills so I can have my Girl Scouts do it next year at our variety show.
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Thank you for posting this! I saw a gif of part of it a couple of months ago and had no idea what it was from.
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Amazing how such a subtle costume choice can have such a big effect.
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That is so clever. Yay!
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That was very cool.
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That's really, really clever. The song really fucking sucks, though, but it's to their credit that they manage to make it awesome anyway.
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OMG. I am not the lol type but I was dying.

Phunniemee: I don't know about the top half, but it looks like they just "shared" the tights, sticking the left leg of one dancer and the right leg of another in an intact pair. It has the bonus of helping them stay together.
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I expected it to be more like these German industrial dancers with Dutch polka, but I'm glad it's not.
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That's not Dutch polka, that's the sort of German folk tune we'd all be fan off had Hitler won WWII.
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Even when you KNOW what's happening, your brain wants to convince you otherwise. The take-away, never listen to your brain.
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At one point, like halfway through, my brain breathlessly informed me that the girl on the left only has one leg.
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German folk-rock polka band

Now there's something you don't see (hear?) every day.
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That is the largest group of conjoined twins I've ever seen. God bless their mother.
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