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HUGPUNX is a cute little feel-good hug 'em up. Features the music of Scraps (a.k.a. Laura Hill).
Inspired by the equally short punch 'em up PUNKSNOTDEAD (Windows download).
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Totally silly, makes you feel good, took about 2 minutes. Probably only took about an hour to program! (And cute music too...)

Hugs all round!
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there are kitties
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juv3nal: "there are kitties"

See, there's my problem. I play games to get away from the real world. There is plenty of feline embracing in my life. I mean, give me something NEW here.
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the game felt kinda creepy, like you were a zombie, and the music didn't work for me. reminded me of a game on the iPhone where you were a skateboarder and you jumped on monsters

the linked essay, though, was great

I would like to see more cuties dash punching robots at 60fps, please, that would be excellent.


reminds me of UK Revolution's BLUE SKY IN GAMES CAMPAIGN
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also its kinda the same as the twee aesthetic in music
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only thing in mind after playing: "kitty."
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Also from the linked essay:

What AAA games devote an extreme portion of their budgets to is looking “realistic.” ...

Of course, AAA games can’t render reality precisely or completely. They have to make a conscious decision on what they want to bring to life and what they don’t care about.

I think part of it is what can be simulated easily. It's easier to simulate a human as a physical object that can be hit than to simulate a human as an emotional being.

The super-simplification of this game is necessary. People need hugs, you give them hugs. Hugging feels nice. Trying to add depth to it, and exploring the questions of why they need hugs and when does hugging help them feel better would be difficult to do "realistically" and might not lead to a fun game.
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There was a 'hug' button in the Boy and His Blob remake and there was a JRPG I read about (I think it was for the PS2?) where you solve people's emotional problems.
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I wasn't completely sold on this game till a minute or so in, when I hugged a cat, and it said "KITTY HUGS!", and then the whole thing clicked for me and it was completely great.
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Charlemagne, you might be thinking of Moon for PS1, though it also describes the more recent Sakura Note by a member of the same studio.
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chulip is what came to mind although reading the description it doesn't sound exactly right.
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i was thinking of Chulip

there's also the way you 'heal' downed teammates in Gears of War by giving them a manly hug
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Ah, OK, Chulip is by Yoshiro Kimura, one of the Moon designers. Many of his games have the themes of helping people and not using violence, though it depends on how independently he's directing - No More Heroes was made with Grasshopper and employed their standard hyperviolence.
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