One of the best fifty punk albums of all-time
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Johnny Moped was a 1970s English punk rock group from south London that once had Chrissie Hynde, Kirsty McColl and Captain Sensible within its ranks. The band had a mere three singles and one album between 1974 and 1978, but in 2013 one Fred Burns is making a film to restore this punk footnote to prominence. There is also a Myspace
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Love this guy, and "Incendiary Device" is a fucking great song. I can't believe it's not better known.
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I have to ask - was the band name pronounced like "Johnny sulked," or like "Johnny small motorbike"?
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like small motorbike
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I was wondering if their name was a Johnny B. Goode reference and in that second link it says they performed Little Queenie, so I guess that says it.
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It was weird how much that looked like a fake documentary. I was just assuming it was, and then there was no punchline.
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The "mere" link is NSFW as has nude image at start of video.
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You missed one of their most influential records. They appeared on the 1977 Punk compilation, "Live at the Roxy WC2" performing "Hard Loving Man." That was the year Punk broke, and this album was probably the breakout album.

There are more recordings out there, I probably have them all. In heavy rotation on my playlist right now, Darling, Let's Have Another Baby.
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> Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie. Sigh.

There was once a regional brand of mushy white wonderbread-like food substance with the brand name "Southern." Logo, caricature "southern colonel" guy with pointy (but non-Satanic, think Col. Sanders) beard. Tagline, "Ah'd even go North fo South'n Bread!"

Fuller would go lefty for Chrissie.
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