Hero Dog returns home after epic journey!
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Kabang the hero returns home to the Phillipines to a parade! Kabang, previously mentioned here on the MeFi, returns home after surgery in the States. But the story might be a little deeper than just that, with some hints of patriotism and, while we're at it might as well segue into racism! But no really, this is just a story about one really awesome dog.
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What is this, the only dog thread on metafilter that gets no comments? Sure, snoutless dog isn't as cute as he could be, but c'mon man, his name is Kabang!
posted by axiom at 2:37 AM on June 9, 2013

Not gonna lie, the name really does it for me. Heh.
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A dog with no snout? Surely this is a job for 3D printing, like this eagle with no beak.
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Hadn't heard this story before; pretty amazing. I have heard of people putting themselves in harms way to protect their own, but not really a dog (at least not in such an imminent danger type fashion). I am awed by the bond that can exist between humans and dogs.
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