Haunted by the Future
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Enki Bilal: Haunted by the Future -Paul Gravett on the Yugoslavian/French comics superstar.
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Great post, love Bilal.
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Here's some artwork from the first book in the Nikopol trilogy, from a site that has a large selection of his art online.
The stories in the lettering don't work nearly as hard as the art does, and for me they don't have to.
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Glad to see one of my favourite comic book artists on Metafilter!
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Enki Bilal on Tumblr
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Huh - I recognized that Nikopol series from the movie that was evidently an adaptation - Immortal. That movie is totally bonkers (and a bit rapey), but kind of interesting. Not sure if I'd go so far as to call it 'good', tho.
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I've been told it's worth avoiding, FWIW.
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I've been a huge fan of Enki Bilal since the early 80s. Too bad that his movie projects never lived up to the quality of his drawn work. Immortal had terrible CG, a so-so actress and a meandering plot. It's difficult to make visionary movies of this kind without a solid budget and an experienced team. I've always thought that he should team up with a good director rather than try to direct movies himself.
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I just heard an interview on CBC Radio with the director of Mars et Avril, a sci-fi movie which had Fran├žois Schuiten as production designer.
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Like elgilito, I've been a big Bilal reader for decades. Created a LARP inspired by the Nicopol books.
Thank you for this article, Artw. Good to know about Bilal's Balkan background. Helps explain the passion (and detail) in Hunting Party.
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