Cell phone spammers
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Cell phone spammers will be hated more than email spammers, but I just hope someone stops Plugout.com before some competitors think it's a good idea.
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I'm confused about what you're referring to. When I looked at that site all I saw was a retailer of consumer cell phone equipment and peripherals.

Just what is it about that site that you don't like?
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that was the site mentioned in the article above.
The company behind the ad, Plugout.com, is a Fort Lee, N.J.-based operation whose site has only been fully operational since February.
Rudy Temiz, the company's 22-year-old president, said yesterday afternoon that he didn't plan to repeat the exercise but expressed no remorse either, saying that the marketing technique had generated "quite a few" sales.
Vincent Zahn, Plugout.com's director of strategy, further defended the text ads. "What better way to reach your target market?" he asked, saying, "We look at it as if we're doing these people a favor if they're looking for these kinds of products."
Responded ATT customer Ryan, "They're not doing me any favors by soliciting me over my cell phone."
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The internet became jammed with thousands of servers sending millions of spam messages. Then, Mary Sue in Ohio can't check her stocks. With this, this could mean a 911 call not getting though at the scene of an accident because of wireless networks jammed with spam.
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