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"We heard them yell, shout and scream. But, who ever pays attention when they take that deep breath before they shout it out? Nobody does except for me. Have fun." Professional wrestling frequently leaves the audience breathless, and this video is no exception.
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This is like WWF: Black Lodge.
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That gum mullet you like is back in style.
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The Cobra Clutch: sometimes my arms bend back.
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I had this slow, morose cover of Daft Punk's Get Lucky in one tab, and that breathing-supercut video in another, and my goodness.

I recommend it.
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This video had a weird effect on me. I thought it was funny, but found it physically exhausting to watch. About a minute and a half into it, I realized that it was because I was sympathetically holding my breath, waiting for them to exhale.
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That was a long four minutes, but it ended exactly as I'd hoped and was way less painful than the same type of clips involving Sarah Palin.
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That YouTube doubler is v. cool. Thanks for linking to it.
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I don't know why that made me laugh hysterically, but it did. Especially the end.
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rock truck roll: I had the same problem. Even when I carefully tried to time my own breaths slowly in and out, I felt like I was going to hyperventilate or asphyxiate or both.*

*I know it's impossible. It's just a feeling, dammit!
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