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Craft Truck is a filmmaker website and home of the web series Through the Lens, a regular series of interviews with leading cinematographers.

What is a Craft Truck? It's the water cooler of a film set. The hub of conversation, gossip and stories, and it’s where you go for a snack.

The interviews are conducted by producer/filmmaker Jeff Glickman, who brings a refreshingly frank style to his conversations, asking questions as both an enthusiastic fan and fellow filmmaker. The interviews are accompanied by snippets from the films discussed, and cover a number of topics central to image-makers working in the medium of film and digital video.

Highlights include conversations with the DPs (directors of photography) behind such famous films as Jurassic Park (Dean Cundey), The Godfather (Gordon Willis), and the Lord of the Rings trilogy (Nigel Buck), as well as a number of groundbreaking independent films.

Full episode listing is available here, as well as uncut audio podcasts.

The site also features a shorter format web series called Tech Bites that focuses on specific new bits of filmmaking technology. There are also plans to add another interview series talking to film editors.
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The only info I could find about the editor series is the "Coming Soon" ad at the bottom of their page.
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Thanks for this! I just watched the first Gordon Willis interview and really enjoyed it.
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This is great! Cinematograpers do so much of what people imagine the director doing, it's great to hear from them. And Ed Lachman is a national treasure. Here's hoping Ellen Kuras shows up soon.
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