Velocissimo, Affrettando, Prestissimo!!
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50,000 years of Western music in under 500 seconds: A video of artist Pablo Morales de los Rios creating one of those whiteboard-n'-marker style accelerated drawings spanning ~500 centuries of the stuff that soothes a savage breast. (Spanish, with English subtitles. Warning: may not contain all the things.)
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I forgot to turn on the subtitles. But it's cognate-packed, anyway!
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This is not the Western music I was thinking of....
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No need for subtitles. In awe of the drawing talent and even as chopped down and compressed as this history was, it still shows how much fecking music there is to listen to and discover, even when not taking into account all the non-western stuff explicitly left out.
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Velocissimo, Affrettando, Prestissimo, Lemmy
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I do like the way it ends with the closing notes of the Bach Chaconne...
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Chaconne is in dminor.. maybe it was alternate tuning as the note was a C#. chaconne ends on d.

Anyway that was fun.. left out stravinsky I think but queen was there.. lol.
I liked the fast writing the most.
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Cool, I always like these whiteboard drawing things. I was kind of hoping there'd be more grouping by musical similarities, or which movements inspired others (either by imitation or rejection), or something. It seemed to be just a series of name-checks. Still, the payoff at the end was unexpected and made it worthwhile.
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Delightful - so entertaining, taz, so well done - I loved the closing flourish, too - I hadn't seen it coming.
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Btw, the Castrati bit cracked me up... eventually. I watched the whole thing a couple of times before it registered what was going on there. (Appears after "Baroque")
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Btw, the Castrati bit cracked me up..

Funny, now I get it.. When I saw it the first time I thought it was crossed out because there was too much ambiguity between a woman's face and breasts and a penis with balls.. IOW it was a bit to racy so it had to be crossed out.. funny, that it was highlighting the castrato aspect. Very clever!
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