Danny MacAskill's Imaginate
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Two years in the making, Scottish bike parkour rider Danny MacAskill (Previously) (Previouslier) releases his brand new riding film. Whilst previous projects have focused on locations and journeys, MacAskill's Imaginate sees Danny take a completely different approach to riding a bicycle in ridiculously implausible ways. Enter Danny's mind and enjoy.

Don't miss the painful looking outakes at the end or their making of video
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Clearly none of this is remotely possible by humans. I am amazed even as I cringe, only to be more amazed.
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Can we stop calling trials "bike parkour"? I mean someone has to post this in every thread about trials videos that gets posted so I might as well get it out of the way. It's a nice video though.
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I am always amazed at bmx biking skills and equally annoyed that those silly seats are so low. It's not a bike if you always have to stand!
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It's probably churlish to say this, but why do people insist on calling it 'bike parkour'? It's trials. Always has been, always should be.
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Eh. Shoulda previewed. But I'm glad it's not just me that gets annoyed by this.
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That fall onto the tank gun barrel … fffffffffffffffff!
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Just brilliant, this stuff is always so beautiful to watch. There's always a tension at skateparks between skateboarders and bmxers (and now scooter-ers) but I think that's just about having to angle for limited space/resources. They all respect each other too ... for the most part (scooters still get rolled eyes but that's changing too). They're all so impressive. Such a shame they're not supported; they're in violation of city/town ordinances pretty much all the time.

It's not a bike if you always have to stand!

1. a vehicle with two wheels in tandem, usually propelled by pedals connected to the rear wheel by a chain, and having handlebars for steering and a saddlelike seat.
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I guess I'm jaded, but trying to work out which bits of each set-up were CGI, and being confused by the rather odd shadows kinda detracted from my enjoyment of the incredible skill on display. Seems like a great idea that didn't quite come off, at least for me.
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The "bike parkour"/"no, it's called trials!" thing is basically a mefi in-joke/trollage by now, no? I've never seen anywhere else on the web where it happens quite so clockwork every single time the subject gets brought up.

Anyway, that was totally fun; thanks for posting.
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There's a universe of trials riders that can do seemingly transcendent things on a bike, but Danny has put trials in front of the casual viewer like no one before him. Most cyclists couldn't name another professional trials rider.

Good for him, and for anyone who otherwise wouldn't pay attention to call it whatever they want.

I'm just waiting for what happens in 10-15 years when the kids seeing this stuff now take it to next level.
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How are his knees not wrecked? Serious question.
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Most cyclists couldn't name another professional trials rider.

Ot Pi, has the coolest name ever.
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Put very plainly. This is what you can accomplish if you accept failure as a part of learning.
Brutal, back-smashing, bonk-your-head, rack yourself over and over again failure.

Damn, the "making of" video is so amazingly hard to watch. The toy soldiers are gonna have PTSD for sure.
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Danny is following in the footsteps of my longtime friend Hans ("No Way!") Rey, who has made a phat living now for nearly three decades with his trials riding. He sells videos and makes personal appearances.

I'm 67 now, so I was already in my twenties when I started riding off-road in the '70s. No way you can ever get very good at a sport you take up that late. I'm envious of the skills of the the kids who started on BMX and grew up in a world that always had mountain bikes.
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> I'm envious of the skills of the the kids who … grew up in a world that always had mountain bikes.

They wouldn't have had them without you, Charlie. You have no idea what the idea of a mountain bike meant to an unathletic kid with an overactive imagination stuck in a soggy little country half a world away from Marin County …
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and now i learn that charlie kelly is a mefite.

gahdamn, i love the internet.
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It's a nice detail that he jumps off the Twister spinner on "left foot" and they proceeds to plant his left foot on the quarterpipe thingy in the next trick.

Holy smokes... these videos are always fun.
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As a world arse-clenching champion of a paranoid parent I like the way it appears less fraught with potential injury than the jumping over rusty spikes of his previous videos.

Until your brain processes what he just did and you have like an aftertaste of fear and dread.

Please don't seriously hurt yourself Danny, it would break my heart, slowly.
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This is really great stuff. The joke with the army men is brilliant. Obviously the bike tricks are awesome. Too bad continuity messed up with the Rubik's cube.
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I've watching this about 10 times now and I still think it's amazing. The front flip over Swiss Ball to rail is just breathtaking. I giggled like a loon when I first saw that. I still can't do wheelies on my bike, let alone any of the amazing tricks Danny can pull off.

The details are cool too. The Twister spinner ends on Left Foot; on the next trick you do indeed see Danny planting his left foot.

The only thing out of place was the Red Bull F1 toy car at the end, since it shouldn't have existed back in the '80s, but we all know why it's there.
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Awesome - I love watching a good trials rider move their bike around. Makes me want to go play, but I'm too chicken to hurt myself. Not seeing any CGI here either -- the RedBull team has lots of eager folks willing to build very large-scale kids toys, I think.
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Yay, my kids will love watching this tonite.
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My 10 yr old watched it, watched a few others, then strapped on his helmet and headed out to go find something to fall off of. My kid, he's doing the internet right.
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