In a world dominated by humans....
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Photographer Linda Kuo's work focuses on "animals and their encounters with human civilizations". Displaced shows exotic animals being cared for at the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine in NYC, while Hit and Run shows the aftermath of wild animals' encounters with vehicles upstate. (warning: Dead Animals).
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What this guy is dreaming about.
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What is happening to that poor turtle?!?
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He probably has dysecdysis and his scutes are being manually removed after a soak.
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He looks like he's letting out a little turtle-scream of pain. Are you sure it doesn't hurt?

(I have a tender place in my heart for turtles.)
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No idea if it hurts but it is a stressful process for the turtle at the very least because most of them don't like to be handled. However, looking at the condition of that turtle's shell at this point, it's either this or its shell will not be able to grow to accommodate its growing body (which will kill it). Hopefully, the vet instructed the turtle's owner on how to improve the turtle's habitat and care to prevent this intervention from happening again.
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Wow. I can view some pictures of war casualties easier than I can those pics of dead, dismembered, and dying animals.
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Wow an art exhibit on the intersection of man and nature? Where have I seen this before? Oh that's right: EVERYWHERE. I'm sorry, but literally everywhere, all the time.
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The animals in the clinic at least have a chance. I was glad the link for 'Hit And Run' did not work. Twice I've had to help people with dogs hit by cars. People who hit the dog are afraid to stop, more so than if they hit a child.
My son had a collision with a deer. The deer bounded into the road, and he could not stop the car in time. It was bad. :(.
Then there's large wild animals in cities, like the cougars in L.A.
Black bears in many cities, down to coyotes and raccoons.
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