"The Lyf So Short the Craft So Long to Lerne"
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"In the interests of art, they seek to substitute the luxury of taste for the luxury of costliness; to teach that beauty does not imply elaboration or ornament; to employ only those forms and materials which make for simplicity, individuality and dignity of effect." Every issue of Gustav Stickley's influential journal of the American Craftsman movement,The Craftsman.
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This is absolutely terrific. Thank you. I only wish the OCRified text was a little higher quality. Rather enjoying The Workshop & School.
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I love the internet, i love that everything on earth will be digitised. i love reading something that i have been waiting for years to find.
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This is wondeful. Thank you.
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Oh, thanks!
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I love the internet, i love that everything on earth will be digitised.

As a librarian, I can't help but be a downer and point out that immense quantities of stuff will be lost forever because copyright law makes it illegal to digitize it.

This, however, is amazingly cool.
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So glad this is out there. Thanks for posting it.
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I'm cool with vast amounts of learning and history being lost as long as long as, you know, no copyrights are violated.
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I just started learning about the Arts and Crafts movement, thank you so much for posting!
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For those interested in the influence of Gustav Stickley, the Everson Museum is having an exhibit on the influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement on Fashion.
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oh i know horace, and i have read double fold, and i know the problems, but, you know, i can know see an entire run of the craftsmen, in a small town in alberta and that makes me happy.
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