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The Moon is Rolling in Her Grave is a video adaptation of the first chapter of the ongoing (since 2003) comic series "No Rest For The Wicked" by Andrea L. Peterson, a fantasy / adventure / horror tale that takes traditional fairytales and turns them on their heads: "Ms. Peterson uses, in conjunction with several more popular fables, folktales that you may have never even heard of. The entire plot actually centers around a little known Grimm fairytale called 'The Buried Moon', while also making reference to 'Red Riding Hood', 'Hansel & Gretel', 'The Girl Without Hands', 'The Boy Who Went Forth and Learned What Fear Was', and many MANY others."

The story is in its fifth chapter, though the artist seems to have taken a break since February; Tomoyo Ichijouji, producer of the video adaptation, has promised more (and in the YouTube comments said that the voice cast had completed up to Interlude 3 and was recording chapter 4).

Cast of characters for the comic is here.

“The Buried Moon" fairytale at Sur La Lune (apparently not a Grimm fairytale, but a British one)

Some of Andrea L. Peterson's other online hangouts: Twitter; Deviant Art; I accidentally drew something tumblr; Fairytale Club tumblr; Kurozukin ("tumblr for posting random things I like").
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Ohhh, I was telling a friend last summer the story of the Armless Maiden, or the Girl Without Hands, and she said it reminded her of a webcomic that had a character with silver hands that probably came from the same fairytale. I forgot to write down the name of the webcomic, but this appears to be it!
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This looks great, and thanks for the link to "The Buried Moon" - I'm sure I've read that before, but not since my childhood. I can almost see the illustration by John D Batten. (Thank you, internet.) It's wonderfully creepy and yes, totally different from Grimm tales.

And now I know that Joseph Jacobs was Australian. Huh.
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Digging into the web comic now, and loving it. Thanks
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