Ovaries! Time MAchines!
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British comedian Josie Long explores All the Planet's Wonders in a very short series on BBC radio: Collecting. Animals. Astronomy. Plants.
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She's awesome. I met her at MaxFunCon. She had the most broken (but still functioning) iPhone I'd ever seen.
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I love Josie Long! Gotta bookmark this to explore later. Thanks!
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I loved the series enough that I kept the MP3s forever. Oh so recommended (especially astronomy), and Josie's always someone who both makes me happy and reminds me that the world is actually amazing and rewards the effort to investigate it in that way.
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Oh, and MeFi's OwnTM Jessie Thorn, makes a cameo!
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I've also met Josie Long at MaxFunCon, and she is the best.
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Look, it’s the lady from my desktop wallpaper, and all the links from the FPP are already pale!
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I also seem to recall finding @MetaFilter while browsing her Twitter subscriptions at one point, so I like to think that she’s around us. At least in spirit.

Oh, and the last episode of Short Cuts is on Radio 4 tomorrow at 3pm BST.

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Oh, and the last episode of Short Cuts is on Radio 4 tomorrow at 3pm BST.

OMGBBQ squee.

Thank you, I hadn't heard about that. Downloading podcast now.
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These are great, thanks for posting them!
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Dang, sorry, Short Cuts is actually already over. Clearly a good thing they made it into a podcast then, turns out I missed the first episode.
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Since you posted this, I've listened to most of Lost Treasures of the Black Heart, a series of comedy nights hosted by Josie, which she published as a podcast. It's silly, ramshackle, and utterly charming. Definitely worth a listen.
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