EU Countries Soften Cannabis Policy.
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EU Countries Soften Cannabis Policy. This past week, experts and officials from around the EU met in the central Dutch city of Utrecht to exchange views at the European City Conference on Cannabis policy. (From Radio Nederlands)
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What I find interesting is the slightly snippy tone of the article. It talks about countries "tolerating cannabis abuse." What could that possibly involve? A cop sees someone sitting on a bench, stoned, and doesn't arrest him? Whoo, the sacrifice! It sounds as if the reporter had a real distaste for the subject, and tried to hold back, but just couldn't quite manage to hold back completely.
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Nope... bingo, 'tolerating' is just a translation of the Dutch word 'gedogen', which is the unofficial official policy in the Netherlands. Nothing snippy about it.
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To me, it seemed the exact opposite. especially the way that the reporter made a clear indication that countries with laxer drug laws/enforcement were 'ahead' of other countries. They kept saying "one step ahead" and "catching up", etc.
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I was talking about the entire phrase, "tolerating cannabis abuse." It's the combination of "tolerating" and "abuse" that I find snippy. The official Dutch policy is "tolerating" the use of the drug, not the abuse of it. There seemed to be an assumption there that because they are tolerant of the drug, a) it is being abused, and b) they are tolerant of that abuse.
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I too found the phrase "tolerating cannabis abuse" a bit odd, but put it down to sloppy writing.
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I prefer making a distinction between "flaccid" and "turgid" drugs.
posted by sylloge at 7:05 PM on December 8, 2001

Upon first glance, I thought that the FPP title was, "EU Countries Soften Cannibal Policy....Mmmm, Long Pork!
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Sounds like blurry vision & the munchies, MrBaliHighHai...heh heh
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"Britain's top police officers have called for the mass prescription of heroin to addicts on the NHS in a move that will be seen as the decriminalisation of the drug.

The officers believe this radical approach will break the link between addicts and property crime, and allow the police to concentrate on combating major drugs dealers and organised criminals."
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