RIP Chase, a famous baseball dog
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It is with great sadness that the Trenton Thunder pass along news that 13-year-old team bat dog, Chase That Golden Thunder, passed away on Monday.

'In his 11 years with the team, he has been featured on local, national and international television. He became the first dog to go onto the field at Yankee Stadium, and was featured in the July issue of Yankee Magazine, Lipsman said.

Chase was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma — blood cancer — in February, and has been suffering from arthritis. He spent much of this week in the hospital, Lipsman said.

“He’s a brave dog and I just wanted him to be out there to hear those cheers,” he said.'
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Good dog, Chase. Good dog.
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I wish every dog could have such a life. Good dog indeed.
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WARNING: Do not click this link at work.

Especially if you, like me, have also lost a golden retriever to lymphoma.

Good dog, Chase.
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NSFW: Not Safe for Weepers.

Especially NJ-based Weepers.

Sleep well, Chase. Good boy.

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Looks like Chase had quite the life! My golden and I pass on our condolences. Goldens are the best.
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Misty-eyed before I even clicked the link. The video tribute is lovely.
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The pictures of him at his "retirement party" are just sad.
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I forged ahead misty-eyed, but the photo of Chase laying down on the field with those bandages on his legs and everyone crowded around his supine body, their faces plastered with oblivious grins, made me bust out crying. Poor baby.

Run free over the bridge, sweet pup. Would that every dog on earth could be held so dearly, treated so gently, celebrated so widely, and missed so much.

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As dad to two goldens (11 & 6) and someone who watched Chase in action at the park, this is tough to watch. But, after seeing the pics of him at the park the other day, it was obvious his time had come. Damn dogs! Tougher to lose than many people in life. Yet I keep surrounding myself with them...
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My dog Quinn of 14 years passed on last month and aside from the obvious, the worst part is telling his fans, of which he had many. The West End is a small town and after two or three explanations as to why my little buddy isn't pulling me down the sidewalk today, I have to take the train up to the Drive for a cold coffee.
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