Italy privatizes its culture.
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Italy privatizes its culture. At least that's what will happen when a bill turning management of all of its museums sails through the Parliament this week. Critics of the Berlesconi-driven measure say that trying to turn culture into a profit center is foolish as there are only a few attractions that make any money now.
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Can't reach the International Herald Tribune? There is a story in today's New York Times. "The possibility that ticket prices could soar under a free-market system, [the minister of culture, Giuliano Urbani] said, would be checked by international criticism." Hmmm....I prefer Britain's new free admission policy.
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Thanks for the link, Carol Anne. Either they are having server problems or it's just busy (probably server).
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Most of American culture is privatized. Movies, music, concerts, sports, amusement parks. Most of those industries are successful at employing thousands of "artists" and entertaining millions of citizens. Public useums are not nearly as successful at satisfying demand or creating economic wealth.
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