Grunge's not dead, man.
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To kick off the celebration of Sub Pop Records 25th anniversary, Mudhoney played a live set on top of the Space Needle today. Performance begins at about 21:00.

Obligatory Sub Pop wikipedia link. Aside from being inextricably linked with Seattle and grunge in the early 90's, Sub Pop has continued to be an important record label in an era of the declining importance of record labels, continuing to promote new, relevant, and diverse artists throughout their history.

KEXP, long associated with Sub Pop, hosted a Sub Pop-centered day today including interviews with artists, founders, and engineers associated with the label's 25 year history. The entire thing is streamable here.

Sub Pop is following this up on Saturday July 13 by hosting a free day long outdoor festival with 3 stages in Georgetown featuring some 21 current and former artists including Mudhoney, Built to Spill, J Mascis, Father John Misty, The Catheters, and Shabazz Palaces. Sadly, no Flight of the Conchords or Nirvana reunion.
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Mudhoney just killed it today. Having seen them in 3 decades now, they've never sounded better than they do in 2013.

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Now bring back Big Drill Car.
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I happened to catch this on the radio. It was interesting, but they sounded pretty high. There was a really interesting series of interviews on air before the show.
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Oh, they were Cruz -- still. And thanks for this post!
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I saw Mudhoney open for Pearl Jam last November in Missoula. They were pretty good, or they were until I went to the beer garden large separate room full of drunk people and missed most of their set.
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That sounded really great live today. The only possible thing I can think of that of that would be better would be hearing the Sonics play on top of the Space Needle.
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Violent Soho and bands like that are keeping grunge alive
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I was in Seattle today, hanging out at a friend's house while he installed a new sliding door on the back of his house. We were caulking and hammering and I was listening to the radio for the first time in I don't know how long; they were playing 90s grunge and my friend was telling me about being 13 and drawing the Sub Pop logo on his notebook covers. Later I disassembled some steel shelving and felt old.
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July 13 1973 - the Everly Brothers break up. Queen releases its debut album.
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The music didn't get old, I did.
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Also, no Afghan Whigs in the line-up? It wasn't all grunge.
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Excuse me - July 1968. The White Album was being recorded. Zepplin wouldn't play until September.
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Also, no Afghan Whigs in the line-up?

Greg Dulli is playing at 6:30 PM on Saturday (see the first link). Somehow I hadn't heard about this but I guess I'll be driving down to Seattle.
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I saw Mudhoney live a year or two back and they were amazing, but I've been a lifelong fan since the Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge days and my judgement is inevitably clouded. I haven't been totally crazy about their last few studio records but Mark Arm and co really know how to move a crowd, and you've gotta respect their work ethic.
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I've still got my circa 1991 SUB POP LOSER t-shirt! And I was a member of the Sub Pop Singles club.... lots of cool music I would not have known about!
I also had an incredibly poor audition with a Sub Pop band around that time. They were awesome. I can play the heck out of that song 20 years later, but I don't think they're a band any more so maybe it worked out for the best.
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Funny, I hadn't even thought of Sub Pop in a year or two. Earlier this afternoon I was wandering aimlessly around a record store as is the habit, picked up a record by a Toronto band I'd hear great things about (METZ, worth checking out) and got a little happy nostalgic grin upon seeing the label logo down in the corner. Nice to see they're still pumping out the tunes.
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Grunge's not dead, man.

Harsh realm!
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Harsh realm!

I wish I could've been there. I'd have loved to swing on the flippity-flop with my fellow bloated dishes.
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Wow. I was trying to find out what year I saw Mudhoney live and holy shit the entire show is online!
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I nearly forgot about Mark Arm puking onstage and then continuing on with the show. Bonus!
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Yesterday, on Facebook, I saw a pic of Jack Endino sitting behind Dan Peters' drum kit on top of the Space Needle, and wondered why he was up there. I miss KCMU.
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10 billion years ago, exactly, stuff happened.
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I'd pay the asking price to hear Soundgarden play the Screaming Life EP on top of a Space Needle or anywhere else.
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Grunge's not dead, man.

Further evidence: Pearl Jam has a new album out on Oct 15.
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10 billion years ago, exactly, stuff happened.

Citation needed
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*welcomes grunge revival, since it will make me a fashion plate*
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God... Grunge is twenty+ years old? Touch me, I'm sick.
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I was caught in traffic on my scooter, with my earbuds in listening to this. Downtown was totally screwed up, in part I'm sure because of this. At several points I was listening and able to see them from where I was sitting.

...Seattle still a pretty cool mess.
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Was anyone at the Silver Jubilee today? Great fun. Great music. No yahoos, no puking frat boys.
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