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Spooktacular is a blog dedicated to preserving the history of the Horror Host, old and new.
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I like the spirit behind this site and was thrilled to be reminded of Commander USA by it, so I hate to be such a Chicago homer when I have to say "Svengoolie or get the fuck out."
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Via Sydney's own Horror Host, Nigel Honeybone
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One of the most interesting things to happen in my household in the last few years has been with the roll-in of digital broadcasting, we now enjoy a three horror host programs from around the country. Including Svengoolie, who seems to be absent from the Spooktacular blog! If anything, Svengoolie's material is too classy, seemingly drawn from the Universal library. Wolfman Mac's material seems to come exclusively from
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Actually, 2N2222, Svengoolie's local network WCIU (which, to be honest, I don't know how it all relates anymore to MeTV nationally, which I assume is how you watch it) got the rights to the Universal monster library fairly recently (2006, says Wikipedia) and it felt like (and was promoted as) a Very Big Deal. So those of us who have been watching it for a while sometimes have that same feeling -- like occasionally the movies are far too good for lying around on the couch on a Saturday morning. (I usually get over this feeling very quickly.)
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Svengoolie is terrific! Kevin Murphy of MST3K mentioned being inspired by the show. He had a heart attack last year but seems to be doing better now. I've considered doing a full post on Sven but, as with a dozen other post ideas, I haven't gotten around to it.
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Count Floyd.
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That's great that footage of Comander USA still exists. His Wikipedia entry states that all of the original recordings were destroyed.
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Ah, USA Networks! People who looked at the BBC's thoughtless destruction of old tapes and thought they had the right idea.
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There was only ever one, true Dr. Paul Bearer.
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Including Svengoolie, who seems to be absent from the Spooktacular blog!

I noticed that. Seems odd that a show with a semi-national reach wouldn't rate at least a mention of a blog supposedly dedicated to exactly that sort of show. I also notice that Indiana's-own Sammy Terry rated a single, brief paragraph about a new show in 2011, with no history.

The blog seems more an homage to Commander USA, rather than a compendium of tv fright hosts.
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How can they have a site dedicated to horror hosts and not have "Chilly Billy" Cardille? The man had a speaking role in "Night of the Living Dead," fer chrissakes.
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Holy shit, a visitor counter.
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In Columbus, Ohio we got Cleveland's unashamedly schlubby Superhost on Saturday afternoons (who once said he painted his nose red because he figured all horror hosts were drunk).
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Sammy Terry from Indianapolis recently passed away.
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I had to see American Scary before I twigged to the fact that MST3K is basically a horror host show.
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