"The alphabet? You'd better learn to listen, kid."
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A clever bit of constrained writing in song from Matilda the Musical and Tim Minchin.

Studio 360 interview: Starting at 13:30, Minchin discusses and then performs "School Song" himself.

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That is a wonderful bit of songwriting, very subtle, and it works really well. Each letter just keeps coming at you right on cue.

Very cool. I appreciated seeing that. Thanks!
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Love Tim Minchin so much. I hadn't had a chance to get to know the Matilda songs, but I need to fix that.
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New Yorker podcast about Minchin and Matilda (the associated article is behind the paywall)
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Unfortunately, it's a lot easier to get all the lyrics when you're reading them on a screen, rather than sitting in the audience listening to little kids sing them. Not to take away from the kids or the lyrics, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one having trouble making them out.
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I did this in a song once but petered out when I got to H... it was hard.
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