"A bone-crunching slab of murky distortion ..."
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Originally I used the word stonegaze to describe a crowd response after one of our first shows. It was like they had all just spent 30 minutes staring at Medusa. Shortly after that I used it again to describe our sound and it stuck.
Dallas, TX band True Widow are a collaboration between a woodworker, a screenprinter, and a makeup artist. They're Cormac McCarthy fans. Together, they make heavy, hypnotic, jam-based music that takes as much from slowcore and shoegaze as it does from stoner rock. Their new album Circumambulation is now streaming via Pitchfork.

Their first two albums, the S/T True Widow (2008) and considerably more verbose followup As High as the Highest Heavens and from the Center to the Circumference of the Earth (2011) are both available on Spotify. The album itself is slated for release on July 23.
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Drum kits with big kick drums and no rack toms, that's always a good sign in my book. And nice how these videos are live performances.
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I could listen to Skull Eyes for hours.
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Checking out the streaming link. Only one of the guys has a beard. What's up with that?
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But what a beard it is, though.
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yeah pretty good sound but MOAR BEARDS PLZ
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Reminds me of Arbouretum. Such good fuzzy sludgery!
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Deafheaven and now True Widow? Is there a MeFite stalking me at shows lately?! (Psst: I'd welcome an Eagle Claw FPP...)
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Me likey
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Metafilter is about to trump Pandora, Rdio, and all my local college radio stations combined, in terms of how reliably I can count on it to turn me on to great music. Love this stuff. Thanks Sonny Jim!
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Nice. Thanks, Sonny Jim.
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