Thrift Lab
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Thrift Lab. Leukemias, urine drug screens, cytology, grossing, frozens, and managing the blood bank... to Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. By UF Pathology.
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That was better written than your average science-people-doing-their-cringe-inducing-rewrite-of-a-hit-song thing, if only because they keep the lyrics on-topic, but still mirroring the flow of the original song. I think I actually liked the older men more for not even pretending to have any verve or flow.
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Heh. That said, this one is way better done.
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cromagnon: "Heh. That said, this one is way better done "

WOW. That one is way better done.
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I was about to get all GO GATORS in here until I watched the video mentioned in the comments.

Can't believe Florida let Illinois College of Optometry walk all over them. ICO ain't even a 1A school!
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DRdoubleB 4 hours ago
wish I could make it public, certain UF higher-ups won't allow it... I posted another video about that.
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habsforever 1 hour ago
I think it IS public..
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DRdoubleB 56 minutes ago
Hmm it's technically unlisted not public but looks like everyone has shared the link like crazy... didn't expect it to take off like this... I'm gonna be in trouble. Ah well.

Looks like the poster of this video is going to have problems.
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Both of these were delightfully painful in completely different ways.
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I love everything about all of these.
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