The following notes were written at odd hours and strange places...
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Hmmm, this one is gonna be good for a lot of time out of my life!
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my grandfather was at the storming of Normandy, and at the battle for Iwo Jima

Apparently, his nickname was "Lucky."

Snark aside, when I read first-person accounts from any war, particularly those written by ground-pounders rather than generals, I marvel that anyone walks away from the experience unbroken. Boredom, interrupted by moments of terror.

I wish she'd publish the whole diary in one go; it would make for a satisfying read, I'm sure, and be a useful resource for historians.
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Very cool - I've been on a WWI and WWII kick lately - so fascinating to read the experiences of those who lived through it, and, of course, Ernie Pyle's column (previously).

I'm not sure whether the post-a-day thing is really worth it, especially when the granddaughter doesn't keep up on adding content during slow periods. But I'll stick with it for the hell of it, and see what I think at the end.
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A while back, I posted something similar over on projects that garnered zero attention due to the way I posted (or perhaps because the site just sucks). Research shows folks seem to tend to like digesting this kind of stuff in bite-sized pieces, so I'm using a similar bits-at-a-time strategy. Holding onto material and stringing it out over time is supposed to help with return traffic. In theory, anyway. We'll see. That said, my stuff gets posted somewhat out of sync with the "same date" chronology. It's cool to try to stay in sync and that's working out well for me right now, but I don't plan to adhere to the "every entry will be posted on the same date when it was written" schedule (as Lt. Cushman's granddaughter is) when I find reasons to deviate.

Anyway, it's very cool to see other stuff like this cropping up. Letters From a Private (previously) is another one.
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