A Few First Ladies of Jazz and Rhythm 'n Blues
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y2karl... you've done a nice job of curating some fine playlists recently... Thanks..

For you kids...some perspective... Back in the 50's, unless you were Amos or Andy or Rochester, or had a role as a maid or butler, you didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of being on TV if you were African American. Unless, of course, you were a musician. These clips, in addition to being iconic music, are groundbreaking in that they brought, to some extent, African American culture into white living rooms. Thinking back on it, I sincerely believe it was a good thing.
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Nellie Lutcher! She's one of my most favorites -- "Fine Brown Frame", "Hurry on Down"

(and of course, so are the others, but they get way more love than Nellie)
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Nellie Lutcher. Very cool. As are the others...but I been knowin' them.
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Regarding Fine and Mellow:
The song she sang that, to most people (including me), was the climax of the show was one of the few songs that she herself ever wrote: "Fine and Mellow." It's a basic 12-bar blues. It may be the only blues song she ever wrote, although the language of the blues, the texture of the blues, the cry of the blues was always part of what she did...

What made this the climax of the show was this: She and Lester Young — she had given him his nickname, Prez, and he was the guy who called her Lady Day, which other people came to call her. They had been very close for a long time, but then they stopped being close. They paid very little attention to each other while we were rehearsing the show.

Lester was not feeling well. He was supposed to be in the big-band sequence, but he couldn't make it. I told him, "Look, in the Billie section," which was a small group. She was sitting on a stool surrounded by just a few musicians. I said, "You know, you don't have to just sit down and play."

When it came to his solo, in the middle of "Fine and Mellow," Lester stood up and he blew the purest blues I have ever heard.

Watching Billie and Lester interact, she was watching him with her eyes with a slight smile, and it looked as if she and Lester were remembering other times, better times. And this is true — it sounds corny — in the control room, Herridge, the producer, had tears in his eyes. So did the engineer. So did I. It was just extraordinarily moving...

After it was all over, she was so pleased with how it went — it was live, by the way — she came over and kissed me. And that's worth more to me than the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Nat Hentoff

That solo starts at 1:28 in the video
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Wow, happy to see the love for Nellie Lutcher, aka the Princess of Hep. Her voice is so great, with weird pronunciation and scatting to match her piano solos, like on "The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else." If anyone still buys CDs, this one collecting the best of her classic 1947 sessions is a joyful batch of smart small group vocal jazz, with Lutcher's piano playing a key element of the fun.
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Also worth a mention, Ernestine Anderson - Send Me Someone to Love. Not on YT, but listen to her version of A'int Nobody's Business

YT is also letting me down on Barbara Morrison's Everyday I Have the Blues.
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So so so nice! Thanks.

While she was never much of a star, the recent passing of Johnny Smith brought this back to mind.

Please enjoy Jeri Southern (with Johnny Smith) singing

"These Are The Things I Love."
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In case anyone is wondering, if you, at nearly 2 am, need to pull out a harmonica to play along, I'm finding that the Hohner 24 hole Echo is working very well with this play list.

Thanks for the links, folks... good stuff.
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Morgana King!
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Sarah Vaughan -- Misty which, well, as a love song, gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.
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Mary Lou Williams - Solo Piano
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