Send in the Tanks
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Sebastiao Salgado has recently visited the Awa- Guaja, a hunter gatherer people who are on the verge of extinction.
Brazil has sent in the armed forces to try and protect their lands and the animals that live there from illegal logging.
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Beautiful photo gallery (amazing that the Awa were contacted by outsiders only in 1979, with some members not having been contacted until the late 90s). The Brazilian government's effort to protect Awa land seems to be a hopeful sign. I don't know enough to know how optimistic to be.
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I'll probably get flack for this, but I believe the only way to truly make shit like this stop is to terminate all those involved with extreme prejudice. Ideally, get to those at the top.

The forests are the home of the defenseless Awa people (and many other tribes under threat, as well, beyond just this case), but they are also our planet's lungs and the more we deforest, the more danger we put ourselves in. ALL of us. (We could ask about the role of legal deforestation and such, but for now, I'll happily believe in sending a message to the people doing this evil shit.)
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Conservation Innovation: How The Surui are Fighting Back.
Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research and Imazon launched monitoring systems, using near real-time satellite images to track deforestation.
But the problem is many of the 'legal' loggers cross over into illegality by cutting vast more forest than their limit allows.
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