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If you're not already in the mood for bacon fat, you might find yourself craving it anyway, just as soon as it hits the pan. Cause it's a slow simmering, juicy slab of swamp doo wop just right for easing across the kitchen floor to. Or the juke joint floor. Or just about any floor. Aww, have mercy! By the way, I mean this kind of Bacon Fat. Mmmm-mmm! Hungry for more? Alright then, there's...

Andre Williams, friends, is a man who, back in the 1950s, knew how to intone some stone cold lowdown messages over a gin-soaked, slinky groove, no two ways about it. So, take his advice, fellows, for heaven's sake! 15, 16, 17... that's Jail Bait.

Andre has had a long career making music since these tracks were recorded in '56 and '57. Some of it damn good, some... well, you be the judge!

And some of you might remember that Andre showed up here at Mefi back in 2008.
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flapjax and bacon. A match made in heaven.
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I was about to say, "Oh, hey, I was introduced to Bacon Fat by a friend" and then it turns out said friend wrote the FPP back in 2008, and so continues the MeFi circle of life.

In other news, now taking bets on what track will be stuck in my head the rest of the day.
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Awwww, I wanna holler, but the town's too small!

The chicken was never like this!

You c'n help yo'self, ** young'un . . .

** Some might consider this one a bit of a rick-roll.
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A lazy search for Andre Williams on Grooveshark turns up a ton of tracks, though some are not the Andre you're looking for.
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Not the Taj Mahal song, I guess.
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There's also the decidedly NSFW "Pussy Stank", with a breathtaking guitar riff and the odd refrain of "pussy stank -- but so do marijuana!"

Andre Williams also wrote country songs. "Pardon Me (Ive Got Someone to Kill)" is one of my favorites. I'm also fond of his hard-driving, almost "Ghost Riders in the Sky"-like "Only Black Man in South Dakota."
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All I know is that "One Riff McGriff" is a killer name for a guitarist.
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Heard recently on WFMU Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban, and currently crankin' it at my workplace as I type this.
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Here's something recent from the esteemed Mr. Williams: Blame It On Obama.
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...aaaaand I've just found the denouement to my wife's next birthday mixtape. flap if I'm ever in Japan (or you're ever in Utah) I owe you a frosty beverage of your choosing.
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You were right, that's a great song.
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