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Welcome to the real world, my dear Battle Penguin.

From Tommy Salomonsson, Nils Flodin, and Simon Stalenhag (who has some great futuristic art).
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These guys should get himselves involved in Half Life Ep. 3. Yes, I invented a new word sorry.
posted by Monkey0nCrack at 4:44 PM on August 18, 2013

uh-mazing music and it's made by swedes!
posted by Foci for Analysis at 4:48 PM on August 18, 2013

Not a bad little platformer. Also, there's a James Brown sample in the music that plays when you get the invincibility powerup. That's perfect, and explains a lot: James Brown must have been on a super-long-duration invincibility powerup.
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I agree with Foci about the music. The jumping is floaty but that may just be my preference.
posted by dagosto at 6:07 PM on August 18, 2013

... Simon Stalenhag (who has some great futuristic art).

Wow. That's impressive stuff.
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Second time I've played this. Second time I've played the first level twice on the trot, because it unexpectedly doesn't automatically move you from level to level between levels, so if you just hit 'start' between levels you end up playing the level you just played for a second time. Second time I've been really annoyed by that.

Still fun though.
posted by motty at 7:14 PM on August 18, 2013

Uggghh this is gorgeous. Art, music, and mood. I am so in love with Simon Stalenhag, his stuff has that oldschool deluxepaint demoscene feel to it, and the fact that he's that good at music too is really inspiring to me.
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Influences definitely include Sonic.
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Influences definitely include Sonic.

Yeah, I found myself instinctively holding the down arrow while sliding. (But it doesn't do anything.)
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Go into the controls screen, and try to redefine a button: the confirmation sound is a very distinctive XCOM bloop. Well, that or my brain has finally been fried.
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The controls seemed a little sticky. A couple times I got stuck going right or left, long after I stopped pressing the key. Damn shame, because it seems neat, but not actually being able to play the game keeps me from enjoying it fully.
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