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LaydOff is from former employees of Enron, saying that they "would like to be the forum to expose financial and cultural abuses of corporate power by providing apparel to express our distaste for apparent unethical and unwanted behavior." Right now they're just selling t-shirts. Ted's Turnovers was another (more vitriolic) site started by laid off workers.
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Ted's Turnovers reminds me...whatever happened to that zaftig blonde with the deep voice who used to be on CNN Headline?
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Wahh Wahhh, sob sob. I'm about to sound heartless because I do feel for the employees of Enron, but after the way Enron raped California last winter by fixing gas prices until our bills went from $60 to $400 a month and sat there laughing (along with all of Texas) all the way to the bank, I am now sitting back laughing at them.

Amazing how karma comes back to you.
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Amazing how karma comes back to you.

Poll Enron's executives, the ones who'll *still* receive 6-, 7-, and 8-figure bonuses apportioned, so very conveniently, on the company's pre-bankruptcy valuation, and I'll bet not one of them says they feel bitten on the ass.

Or: Fuck karma! I'm gettin' a new Durango!
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Also, For former employees of Enron Europe, with links to many other Disgruntled Enron Employee sites and related articles.

It seems obvious someone's greed got way out of hand at Enron long ago, so my heart isn't exactly weeping for the company as a business entity. But I feel for the worker bee types there who had nothing to do with all that dicey bookkeeping---when your company is on the Fortune 10, I imagine you don't expect the firm and your job to vaporize overnight.

'Course, that vaporization didn't stop 500 of the fat cats there from getting bonuses of $55 million right before the bankruptcy filing. Averages out to $110,000 each... makes the reported $4k in severance for the worker bees look sort of like a slap in the face, doesn't it?
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Here, I made them a logo.
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My sympathies go out to the laid-off Enron workers too - there but for the grace of my employer go I - but I really do have to say...what were these idiots thinking by having so much of their retirement accounts tied up in Enron stock?!?!? I mean, geez, I can think of quite a few articles over the past few years that warn people about holding ttoo much company stock in their 401k plans. So, like klax, I will gloat, but that the greedy employees have gotten some comeuppance too, in a tragic way.

Glad I work at a "Big Five" company not involved in this clusterfuck either!
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what were these idiots thinking by having so much of their retirement accounts tied up in Enron stock

The problem with this, is that they were expressly prohibited from moving this money from Enron even as the company was tanking. They were tied to the sinking ship.
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A lawsuit filed in early December accused 29 Enron officers and directors of engaging in "massive insider trading" and making "false and misleading" statements about the company's financial performance while selling about $1.1 billion worth of stock over the last three years.
(Source: Corpwatch)
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Petey: owillis is right, they weren't given much choice. There's a Slate article that explains.
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