Balance from Within
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Balance from Within is a robotic, self-balancing sofa by artist Jacob Tonski. (via @golan)
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So how am I going to watch my anime on it?
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Ok, so I watched the video and it is pretty sweet. I think it would have been cooler if he ran the power cable down through the leg and then under the parquet flooring. The thick cable and computer box there just seem incongruous in such a beautiful space with and antique sofa...or maybe that's the point?
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How much do I love artists? "I made a way for a 170-year-old sofa to precariously stay on one foot." Of course you did, and I love, love, LOVE you for it, you crazy artist.
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What a weird, neat little project. My favorite part is how he designed the sofa to handle falls--it shatters into predesigned pieces that he can easily put back together again. It reminds me of how people in certain sports are taught to fall "correctly", so as to minimize the injury that is inherent in learning how to perform in it.
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Really like it. Wish I had more to say
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Up next: a couch that can do couchto5k by itself.
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This, in case you were wondering, is what Dean Kamen meant when he said the Segway would change the world.
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I'm afraid the Segway leaves me expecting more out of automated balancing acts. I excepted the sofa to _spin_.
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As in movies, voiceovers are usually added at a producer's insistence.
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That was great until he started talking.

Then, once he was done with the artist's statement part, it got great again.
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I really like his balance study pieces, which might not be safe for those with motion sickness.
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Call me back when it can maintain its balance while someone sits in the cradle of the seat/arm, then I'm buying one.
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That whole "scatter into pieces in order to prevent damage" thing is a lost art in cell phones. My dumb phone has survived many drops (and eventually excited tosses: "check out what happens when I throw my phone at the floor!"). It flies into about 6 pieces and I put them back together and nothing is broken. Smart phones are so solid that they shatter and crack.

The voice over on this video makes me wonder, are the blubbering breakdowns some people exhibit when things go badly the intentional shattering that prevents real damage?
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It seems strange that "reaction wheels" went straight to the esoteric task of stabilizing spacecraft while bypassing more everyday applications. Sofas apart, however somebody must have thought of using one for a self driving bicycle. Oh - they have!
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rongo rongo- there's also self-balancing unicycle, but I think it requires a rider.
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Here's an autonomous self balancing bike that actually moves forwards - its a lego one however. But there is one which us full sized built by some Thai students. Whether it is bikes or sofas I suspect there is a layer of fiendish programming logic - and another of tedious trial and error - that deserves appreciation.

nat: I see Adam Savage of Mythbusters tried out one of the self balancing unicycles.
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