Last one off the bridge has to turn out the lights.
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A film shot from the last passenger car across the old Bay Bridge Listen for cop yelling at car "quit filming, and get off the bridge!"
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The beginning of video with The End by the Doors was way cool. Too bad they turned off the music and it was just the cop yelling.
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For those like me who don't know anything about the background for this:

The original east span closed permanently to traffic on August 28, 2013 at 8pm, 24 years after the Loma Prieta earthquake.
The replacement span opened for traffic on September 2, 2013 at 10pm, 7 hours ahead of schedule.

(from Wikipedia)
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That's one rattly-ass car. Cool video, though.
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Aww, as a bay area native who no longer gets to drive across the bridge (and only misses the memories at either end), this made me inordinately happy.
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Emperor Norton would approve.
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Based on the username, LightningOnDemand, and the other videos they've posted, I'm guessing a member of Survival Research Labs was in the last passenger car over the bridge. Fitting.
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The jerky footage at the beginning annoyed me, the yelling cop amused me, and the post-tunnel footage of the passing spans, as each tower's giant suspension-cable arms moved in for their majestic steel embrace, took my breath away.
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P.S. Great post title.
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I was kinda hoping the cop would come tearing after them when they didn't exit at Treasure Island.
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I crossed the bridge at 7:54 in the opposite direction - freaking out I wouldn't make it on time.
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I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but here are Emperor Norton's proclamations for building the Bay Bridge, back in 1872, some 60 or so years before it was actually built.

What isn't as often mentioned is that he made an earlier proclamation in 1869:

Whereas it is our pleasure to acquiesce in all means of civilization and population; Now, therefore we, Norton I, Dei Gracia, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, do order and direct . . . that a suspension bridge be constructed from the improvements lately ordered by our royal decree at Oakland Point to Yerba Buena, from thence to the mountain range at Saucilleto and from thence to the Farallones, to be of sufficient strength and size for a railroad . . . wherefore fail not, under pain of death.

Assuming he meant the Gulf of Farallones and not the Farallon Islands (just a bunch of rocks in the ocean), this is a call for what became the Golden Gate Bridge.

(and also, a bridge from Oakland to Marin, which doesn't make so much sense. But he got that one right in 1872 anyway. Not bad for a man who had a creative approach to what people sometimes call sanity).
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On second look, the Gulf of the Farallones doesn't include SF itself--nonetheless he was ahead of his time with his Bay Bridge proclamations, including the tunnel through Angel Island (formerly goat island) and the suspension bridges, which we now, finally, have on the Oakland side.

He was very much a fan of Oakland, so the Oakland residents who resist calling it the Emperor Norton Bridge because he was from San Francisco are just being petty.
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