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Hoot.ch is a cool, beautifully curated music gizmo with new songs almost every day. Dazed electronica, sunny pop, arty rock, stained-glass hip-hop - from John Hopkins to Belle & Sebastian to Pusha T, and lots of unknown gems. Sometimes you just want to sit back and let good songs play.

(You can use your keyboard left/right to navigate.)
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Ballers! Marquis posts numbers on the boards.
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Nice stuff, and a lovely, minimalist interface.

(Great GIF, Ad hominem, what is that from? I searched for ballers GIF and found such gems like this)
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I like it, though the fact that there is no info about the musicians is a little frustrating. I'd like to be able to add each of these to different spotify playlists so I "own" it.
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I'ts a gif of Pusha T from the Numbers on the Boards video with animation added. No idea where it originally came from but its like a forum staple now

Hoot.ch also has Run the Jewels
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Also, you can have a little less mystery about what's next with the grid interface. And if you poke and prod around enough, you'll get this playlist-like view, where you can play anything posted, but sadly, you cannot play more than one thing at once. Scroll down there, and you can see the weird categories: anime, classical, Hip-hop, lent, Modéré, Music, Spring Mix (surf), Summer, Techno, Uncategorized, vif, and vite
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very nice. curated music gizmos = the new radio. or did somebody say that already? By which I mean, there is so much stuff out there. What I'm fast starting to value are those individuals and/or teams who can cut through all the crap for me via their good taste. Add an easy download mp3 option and a means to somehow send a few cents to the artists as I do so and voila! some kind of wonderful ...
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I can't seem to link individual songs but they got Migos' Hannah Montana song, J Cole, Mister Mutherfuckin' eXquire and Kanye West's Send it Up Ft. King Louie
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[pusha-t-eugh.mp3 autorepeat]

this is great! thanks marquis!

btw if you haven't yet listened to the entirety of Jon Hopkins's "Immunity" yet... do yourself a favor, put on your headphones and let it wash over you. gorgeous, well-constructed album; probably one of the few multiple-superlative-worthy electronic releases of the year.
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This doesn't play on my Power Mac 8500, WTF?!
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Hoot.ch also has Run the Jewels

Which is a free album and quite good and you should probably have it if you don't already
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Ohwowohwowohwow. Heavenly Beat's Honest is lovely.
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... as is The Heat by Jungle. I think I have my multiple deadline sanity playlist.
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The Preatures & Flaamingos tracks are blowing my mind. Also, nice to hear that UB40 joint from Something Wild in the mix with all these.
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Drunk Kanye dancing with Pusha T dance!

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I was just telling a friend earlier today that I need a different strategy for finding new music... and now Hoot.ch pops into my life. Awesome.
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(Is it just me or does the minimalist interface skip a volume control? It's too loud through my headphones at the lowest keyboard volume setting, augh...)
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This is pretty, with good music but I really find the interface perplexing. Sometimes it doesn't skip forward automatically and then I can't change anything without skipping songs back to tracks I've already heard. And it just got to the end of a 'playlist' and then it stopped but I have no idea what else to click on now besides just going to the grid view and clicking another random circle.
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Nice stuff, and a lovely, minimalist interface.

a little too minimalist for me - would be nice to have some volume control directly on the page.
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This seems pretty slick and generally awesome, but i'm extremely concerned that like the 10-20 sites like this that popped up and were fascinating it'll meander off in to not being updated, getting turned in to a freemium service, or something else like that.

Who's curating this? What's to say they wont just quit in like six months? This for instance was almost exactly the same thing when it started, and now it's has-been/also-ran crap.

Last.fm radio also used to be absolutely brilliant before it was full of ads, stopped gaining new meaningful content, and started charging for the mobile app trying to be some third rate spotify/rdio/pandora clone. Hell, even pandora used to be a lot more interesting than it is now.

I'll use it, but i can't help but feel like it's a ball that will be arbitrarily pulled away from me right when i truly start to love it.
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Snark aseid, I listened to this for a few hours yesterday and found some really good/different/new-to-me music. But for how long? I agree that it seems like the sort of service which will be great up until the monetising phase. In fact, it was the same "Who's curating this?" question that emptythought asks is what first struck me. Maybe an "opportunity" further down the line to stick a little too closely to the radio model of only playing what the record companies want you to buy? Guess all any of us can do is enjoy it while it lasts.
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Besides 8tracks, what are the other curated music apps emptythought &co are referring to?
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