Google in the Galapagos Islands, and beyond
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The point of the Galapagos was the *lack* of biodiversity. The relatively small number of species made it possible to sort everything out without tons of overlapping species and habitats. It was a serendipitously created natural sciences lab.

Also, the sea lions do indeed rock.
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Needs a NSFW tag for all the boobies.
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Google impresses the heck out of me with this planet-wide streetview stuff. There are many places I've visited, but many more I'll probably never have a chance to visit and streetview is the next-best-thing in my book.

Anyone find profiles on the peeps hired to carry those big/heavy camera things to remote places? I would not want to huck one of those up/out of the Grand Canyon!
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What? No spoiler alert!?! I'm hoping to go to the Galapagos IRL one day, and this ruins the surprise as much as movie trailers nowadays!
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Good news! RL is being revised every day! Today's spoiler is only a teaser trailer for tomorrow's adventures!
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Thanks for this. Just sent the link to a bunch of students. One of the big themes in Darwin's (and Wallace's) writing is how changes in geology lead to changes in species, and nowhere on earth shows this like the Galapagos.
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Less exotic than the Galapagos, I notice that their mapping of Central Park is online. Even the ramble seems to be well mapped. I've been waiting for this since I visited Central Park last August and noticed their Google Maps bike traversing the park's many paths.

My sister and I were waiting in line for tickets to Into the Woods at the Delacorte that night. Here she is sitting reading. I must have been off stretching my legs or using the bathroom. I might need to try stalking myself, see if Google caught me.
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Yep, here is me walking toward the camera, but stepping off to the right (the left of frame) to avoid the Google bike.
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