Rufus Thomas 1917-2001
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Rufus Thomas 1917-2001 Since the 11th of September, I've left the radio off a great deal of the time, so it was only today, while listening to Terry Gross's Fresh Air, that I heard Rufus Thomas had died. A performer since he was child comedian and tap dancer with the Rabbit's Foot Minstrels, he also was a famous dj on WDIA in Memphis, the first all-black radio station format in the country, recorded Bear Cat, an answer song to Big Mama Thornton's Hound Dog that was an early hit for Sam Phillips' Sun Records and enjoyed a brief second career as the World's Oldest Teenager--singing Walkin' The Dog and Funky Chicken and many duets with daughter Carla--for Stax Records. From minstrel show to medicine show to dj to elder statesman of Memphis soul, his life and career spanned history. I, for one, will miss him.
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And he listed as his greatest achievement, this--Being married to my wife for 57 years. Always a class act, and as his son said, it's the end of an era.
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I remember in 1984 or so, when I was about 15 and living in Greenville, MS, part of my class took a field trip to Memphis. Some of us went down to Beale St. (this was shortly before the city of Memphis Disneyfied Beale) and saw Rufus Thomas in a mostly-empty bar. He got us up on stage to do the funky chicken with him. I had my first beer in a bar. I couldn't believe my luck that night.

What a great guy.
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Thank you, karl. A great singer and a great guy.
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And his daughter, Carla wasn't too shabby a singer in her own right, either.

Her bio can be found at . IMHO, her rendition of "Gee Whiz" is one of those classics that I never tire of hearing.
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Rufus Thomas "the World's Oldest Teenager" lived up to that title in the best sense of the word, always keeping that childlike enthusiasm for music and his goofy sense of humor alive(check out "Can Your Monkey Do the Dog"). As a DJ, and an artist he left a great legacy and he will be missed.

Mayor Bob-"Gee Whiz" is terrific along with "B-A-B-Y" but for my money it's her duet with Otis Redding on "Tramp" that ranks with the best rock and roll songs of all time.
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And don't forget Lovey Dovey by Otis and Carla...
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I have the '45 of Walkin' the Dog, a beat-up recording I inherited from my step-dad's records collection that he collected when he was a teen. When I first heard it in the heady days of Poison and Motley Crue, it was a brand of intensity and sincerity in music that I had never experienced. Man, he'll be missed.
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A sad irony for me was hearing of Thomas' death shortly after friends gave my wife and I The Stax/Volt Complete Singles as a wedding present. One of the best gifts I've ever been given. My Rufus/Carla highlight: 1964's "That's Really Some Good."
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Sad. James Carr this year as well.
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Well, finally... (mefi/mefi, y'know)

Hey, Mocata, I'm with you on James Carr and what a tragic life...

I just got a CD compilation of his and am going to use it on my next show, along with some Rufus's stuff, too. Man, all I'm doing anymore are memorials...
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